erWin Audi

Purchasing media and acquiring access rights.

You will need a valid flatrate in order to view the Online Service Information.
You can acquire these via the main navigation item "Flatrate". There are different flatrate scales available to suit your requirements: 1 hour with printing rights (screenshot only) (€7.00), 1 day with printing rights (€30.00), 7 days with printing rights (€130.00), 30 days with printing rights (€310.00) or 365 days with printing rights (€2850.00). You can view all "Online service information" from Audi erWin during the time span selected by you and, depending on your flatrate charge, also print it out. When this time is up, you will not be under any obligation to select anything.
The flatrate begins as soon as the purchase transaction has been completed. When the flatrate has expired, you can activate a new contract. It is not possible to extend the duration of the flatrate.
In order to purchase a flatrate, go to navigation item "Flatrate" and select a time span. Use the "Book" button to place your articles in the shopping cart. You can then buy the flatrate by credit card. The flatrate is activated immediately and is available to you within a matter of seconds.
After logging on, every user can see the status of the flatrate in the green box to the right of the Contents area in menu option "Flatrate" on the erWin homepage. This means that you can always keep the duration of your access authorisation under control.